We live by two rules.

Rule 1: Represent I4NI to the fullest.

Rule 2: PTFO!!!



We are the I4NI Platoon: a multi-platform gaming organization built around teamwork, friendship, and domination. We are a global community of adult gamers who represent our brand with absolute integrity. We play as a team, live as a team , and die as a team. Our main goal is to win and be the best at what we do.

I4NI is more than just a "clan"―we are a brotherhood.

I4NI Code of Conduct:

Rule 1: Represent I4NI to the fullest.

All members must apply the I4NI tag AND emblem. Participation in multiple platoons will not be tolerated.

Rule 2: PTFO!!!

PTFO stands for Play The F***ing Objective. We play as a team, and we play to win. Playing a role designed to prioritize personal K/D stats, rather than the team objective, will not be tolerated.

Movie time, kids.

this is how we roll.

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